Finally the time has come that we can share with you our Western Lowland Gorilla cake for WWF exhibit.


We were asked to join a sugar artist collaboration with over 20 other cake artists from around the world. Of course we have agreed with a great pleasure to support WWF.

We have chosen to make The Western Lowland Gorilla mother with her baby for our piece as they are massively endangered.


“Populations can be found in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Equatorial Guinea as well as in large areas in Gabon and the Republic of Congo. The gorilla’s numbers have declined by more than 60% over the last 20 to 25 years. Even if all of the threats to western lowland gorillas were removed, scientists calculate that the population would require some 75 years to recover.”

We shaped and sculpted some dummy for inside of Western Lowland Gorilla cake for WWF.

The reason we didn’t use cake for this piece is because it will be on display at NEC in Birmingham and needed it to last longer than a just normal sponge would do. The dummy cake will be placed along other pieces at the exhibit.

When we had the basic shape it was covered in white modelling chocolate. and started to add more detail to the mother gorilla. After the hands and face were done we started to texture the fur using one of our home made tools. After the fur was finished it was time to hand paint which consisted of plenty of layers to cover the white chocolate.


The last thing was to sculpt the baby and give their faces a realistic look.

Western Lowland Gorilla cake for WWF

Lucky the day we finished the weather was so nice it was perfect for an outside photo shoot so we could try and make it look more natural in the garden. Find out more and see all the other amazing pieces of the other artists in the video below.

I hope you like our contribution and hope to see you at Cake International in few weeks’ time.


Aggy, Andy & Zara,



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