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Pumpkin sponge

Thanksgiving this week… And today I have Pumpkin Sponge for you. I haven’t got a lot of knowledge about this holiday but one thing I know is that I love pumpkins. ...

Cheese onion chutney soda bread

Yesterday we had our friend Nick over for lunch. As it was a last minute kind of thing, I quickly made some Cheese onion chutney soda bread to have with...

Christmas mincemeat sponge

Woke up this morning to an amazing white scene outside and started craving a slice of Christmas mincemeat sponge. I love snow, probably as much as I love cake. Especially...

Fresh yeast

I like baking with fresh yeast. Most of all the smell of yeast always remind me of my grans house. Warm summery days or very cold winter with heating on...

Cinnamon sugar

Cinnamon sugar

Simple Cinnamon sugar. One of my favourite spices is Cinnamon. Cinnamon is very versatile and I have used it many time in sweet and savoury dishes. Today is a quick...

Pearfect turnover

Pearfect turnover, lazy pear and cream cheese puff pastry wrap. We have all been in the situation where you need to bake something quick and have no idea what to make....

Perfect pizza base recipe

Perfect pizza base recipe   Since I was little, myself and my brother were always in the kitchen. Eating and baking simple cakes or trying to master our ever changing pizza base...


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