21st October 2015 BTTF day.

Since ‘Back To The Future’ was released in 1985 we have all been waiting for this day. Wednesday, October 21st 2015. This is the day Marty Mcfly, Dr Emmett Brown and Jennifer travel to in the second movie. The day is finally here to celebrate the best movie trilogy ever made. Apart from Marty and the Doc the other star of the movie is the time machine that Doc Brown built based on a DeLorean DMC-12.

This incredible machine was capable of time travel thanks to the flux capacitor. This complicated piece of equipment first came to Doc brown on November 5th 1955/ He stood on his toilet to hang a clock and slipped banging his head. When he woke he drew the first diagram of the flux Capacitor.

What is flux capacitor?

The flux capacitor is fitted to the DeLorean between the driver and passenger seats. To work it needs to be traveling at 88mph and required 1.21 gigawatts of power (1,210,000,000 watts). Originally supplied by a plutonium – powered nuclear reactor fitted to the back of the car. Doc Brown managed to get hold of the plutonium by agreeing to build a bomb for the Libyans. Instead kept it and gave them an empty casing filled with used pinball machine parts. If you still haven’t seen the movie you can only imagine how this could end.

The DeLorean had stainless steel body which also had a beneficial effect on the “flux dispersal” as the capacitor activated. Sadly Doc was interrupted before he could explain how it all worked. When Marty travels to 1955 plutonium is very hard to come by. The only way of supplying that amount of power to the flux capacitor was getting the power from a direct lightning strike straight into it!

At the end of the 3rd movie we see Doc Brown travels through time in a locomotive where the Flux capacitor is fitted to the front instead of a lamp and this one is powered by steam.

As you might of noticed we are huge fans of the movies! And we would go as far to say they are one of our favorite movies of all time.


Tonight we celebrate watching all 3 movies that being played on ITV2 one after the other. With a special tribute by Keith Lemon between 2nd and 3rd part. All our favorite ‘Celebrity Juice’ guests are involved, and it going to be an amazing night of TV. To top this up we have built our own Flux Capacitor!!

But it comes with a twist!

Ours is entirely made out of… You guessed it CAKE!

We have made a replica out of our favorite brownie cake. It includes lights and an edible registration plate.

We really hope you all celebrate this brilliant day and watch all the movies. It’s really amazing how these movies have stood the test of time and are as popular today as they were back in 1985!

So sit back and enjoy as we tuck into our cake we hope you all join us in celebrating this brilliant night of movies!


Aggy, Andy & Zara


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