‘Deadpool Christmas Special’ and ‘Baking with Aggy’.


Well, when thinking about new projects it can be hard and daunting to get the idea processing in my head. On this occasion however I’m still not sure how I came up with Deadpool Christmas special. Could of been one to many aviation cocktails but it just seamed perfect.

Deadpool Christmas Special

Deadpool, everyone’s favourite anti hero, a bad guy who gets rid of the worse guys. Immortal mutant who fought this heartless disease that in current day affects so many of us!

What a perfect person to invite round to do some baking with. It sounded ideal. 

So, I have picked up the phone & made some calls and Deadpool was in.

Real life Heroes!

But we don’t need to watch a movie to see a hero. In Deadpool words ‘I might be super but I’m not a hero yet’ and I decided to dedicate this short story to real life heroes!!


We have heroes around us everywhere.

One of them is my friend Ryan. 

He is one of the bravest, positive people I have ever meet. Why is he a hero you would ask? Well, he is a fireman and he protects and saves others life’s. In my eyes whatever the definition of a hero might be he is definitely one of them.

Other hero is Ryan’s wife Lucy who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

Lucy is a fighter and with the support of her friends and family she is tackling this awful disease head on! However Lucy need to take regular trips to St Richards Hospice in Worcester where she is receiving treatment and help. 

So me and Deadpool came out with a little plan. Deadpool Christmas Special was a perfect excuse to have a little play.

St Richards Hospice Worcester.

St Richards Hospice is where you can find the real super hero’s.

This place is run by staff with the fantastic and generous support of many volunteers. Selfless souls who help those who have life-limiting illnesses and to thank and help them run the place I have decide to raffle off a Unicorn cake and all the proceeds to donate to the Hospice.

Shootings Star Chase Hospice.

By downloading Avid Merrion’s Proper Crimbo song for 99p that plays near the end of movie you also support Shooting Star Chase Hospice.

Thank you everyone!

Win a Unicorn cake!

The idea is simple. Each donation of a £5 will get you one raffle ticket and you can get as many tickets as you like. 

{HERE you can donate in exchange for your raffle TICKET(S)}

Unicorn cake, Edible By Aggy

The money is donated straight to St Richards Hospice. All you need to do after donating is email us on deadpool@ediblebyaggy.co.uk with your name, address or just a postcode so we know the area where to deliver the cake. Please don’t forget to add the ideal date you would like me to deliver the cake to you! 

You can pick any date in 2019 and within a reason if I have the space I will make the cake for that date. Otherwise we will agree another suitable day. This raffle is for a Unicorn cake but I’m happy to make a Pegasus (unicorn with wings) similar to the photo below.

The raffle will close on the 6th of January 2019. There is no cash price or money exchange in any circumstances. 

Details of the cake to be agreed between winner and myself.

Cookie cupcakes recipe that we make in Deadpool Christmas special.

If you fancy trying Gin Cookie Cupcakes we are making with DP  in our Christmas special you can find the recipe and how to prepare it HERE!

So while I am having fun baking with Deadpool don’t forget to check our short movie HERE if you haven’t seen it yet and buy some tickets!!!

And lastly I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Be good, remember Santa is always watching. 


Happy baking,

Aggy x

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